Increase Your Fico Score feels the most important item that you can change about your daily life is your Fico Scores. A bad FICO score can haunt you a lifetime or be the best friend you have ever known. highly suggests you check your FICO score and make sure all information within is correct. If you find information not to be correct on your FICO score report, it can be modified, changed or removed.

Improving your credit score in some cases may be easy in some cases and in others it may take years to improve your score. If you think you can raise your credit score by marrying someone with a higher score, think again.

Often, confusion between common last names, or an error of a number on a social security card or incorrect street address can merge your files and someone else inaccurately. Even if your credit score from you past experiences are not ideal, you can still apply for loans, it is only going to cost you more than a person with a better credit score.

As with most things in life, it is good to plan ahead and making sure your credit report contains only your information is a great place to start. When applying for a loan, it is best to have determined what your answers will be to why you may have credit problems on your credit report. No lender is going to give away thousands or millions of dollars to a person with bad credit and never ask them what went wrong in the past. Become a boy scout, be prepared.

A poor credit history does slow you down slightly in making the best loan, but it can be repaired. Follow the step below and you will be on the right road to a better / higher FICO score.

Listed below are a few ways to help raise your credit score.

1. Pay off large credit card balances.

2. Never use a credit card to the full credit line.

3. Paying your bills on time, consistently.

4. Do not apply for more credit cards or lines of credit.

5. Do not move debt from one card to another consistently.

6. Check your credit report every three months, sooner if you find they have made an error and you want to make sure they correct the error.

7. It costs approximately $9 per to obtain your complete credit report from each the three main credit bureaus. This will be the best money you ever spend.

8. If possible, never pay just the minimum due on a credit card payment, try to pay at least 10% more than the minimum monthly payment requested.

9. When you receive your credit report from each of the credit bureaus check it thoroughly. Often other persons with your same name may have derogatory information and it is placed on your credit report by accident. If you find this to be the case, contact each of the three credit bureaus and explain who you are, your social security number, address and explain why the improperly placed information should be removed from your credit report.

10. If you have bad credit, start a new leaf today and follow the rules above. Credit Reports and Credit Scores take time to improve and it is best to start today. Over time, derogatory items will drop off your credit report and as long as you are not adding more, time can be in your favor. suggest you attempt to fix the minor items about your credit scores. However, it is our opinion, it takes a train professional to best help you with all your credit score needs.