Press Release - 11.27.2007

Opening a new website and all the events that follow is exciting. Displayed below is the first press releases, many more to follow.

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For Immediate Release

Date: November 27, 2007

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Contact: Richard Reed

Phone: (702) 242-4482


Web Address:

Las Vegas, Nevada -- November 27, 2007 A newly opened unique real estate resource on the Web is drawing attention and new users with its "no strings attached" real estate advertising policies. Unlike paid listing sites, takes a new approach to real estate by offering advertising services free, with no strings attached.

Real estate buyers and sellers are turning to Web resources to list and find properties more now than ever. With the ease of use and the no cost attitude, it is easy to see why is becoming a popular website. is owned and operated by Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas (IVLV), a company that operates more than 350 information guide Web sites. The company remains totally objective in the real estate advertising field and receives no commissions on any real estate transactions. The website is not owned by real estate brokers, agents, or appraisers.

Richard Reed, the company's CEO and Editor, feels the site eliminates the hassles of searching for or selling properties online. He states, "Every real estate Web site we researched made people register, enter a credit card, pay a fee, or did not allow a person to see all listings otherwise. I am trying to give buyers and sellers, as well as all related companies to real estate, a fair shake. So we eliminated any and all gimmicks, hidden costs, or invasion of privacy and allowed advertisements to be posted for free! We accept free postings of all residential, commercial, land, mobile homes, timeshares and best of all anyone can post unlimited free advertisements."

The company's domain name might be a little long to type in the browser window, but on the inside, its advertising instructions are easy, short, and to the point. Users are excited to explore this new portal to properties around the world.

One of the site's users from St. Louis, Missouri really liked the respect of privacy at the site. Ronald S. states, "I hated all the other real estate Web sites that made me give my credit card just to look at what they had to offer. It was refreshing to see an honest Web site that gives the consumer a real break. Nice work."

Buyers and sellers alike can take advantage of the site's services. Those who wish to browse real estate advertisements worldwide may do so without so much as registering. Sellers may advertise their properties for free or opt for enhanced or deluxe advertisements for a very small fee. No other fees are charged, and all users have unlimited access to advertisements, related real estate businesses, valuable real estate tips, online calculators, and pages of real estate information.

Real estate shoppers can view photos of properties along with detailed information about each advertisement, right from their own personal computer. This makes a Web resource such as a valuable tool for finding one's "dream home."

"The site is open to individuals, agents, brokers, and all related businesses around the world. As the site's advertisements grow, I foresee that our users will be able to find vacation properties anywhere in the world, a new home down the street in their local area, or that commercial property for their business needs" states Reed. "It truly will be a resource to meet all real estate needs."

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